Sunday, July 30, 2017

Bicycle Erotica

I started a new bicycle advertising business, Pedal Promotion, and an Instagram account, Facebook page and blog to go with it. In May I created the first issue of a pop-up zine, "Babes on Bikes" to promote biking among girls at a festival I participated in. I have been thinking about the next issue.

 Since it's an advertising business it didn't take long to get inspired by vintage bicycle ads and vintage bicycle erotica, so the next issue of "Babes on Bikes" will be pop-up style re-creations of some of my favorite illustrated ad images:

These are the photos we took with my crappy phone camera that made the cut & passed through the poor man's filtration process via Instagram. Since there are more than will make it into the zine, and since I haven't posted any artistic works to this blog in quite a while, I thought to post them here. I know there are more ladies around interested in this type of project and I hope we can be collaborators. Enjoy!

Under The Moon Circus Cylcler

Urban Jungle Cycology: Visualize Industrial Collapse

Wrapped in the Sky

Some of the best feedback I got about these shots was "It looks like a bike is falling out of the sky & you look like you are trying not to get crushed". HAha! So.. here's the re-take with 2 different filters:

Back to the Garden

Wings on Wheels

The Great Wall of Melissa

Road Warrior

Babes on Bikes:Off Grid Scuppernongs