Thursday, April 26, 2012

I make clothes for everything, even aerial dance studios!

I like to think I can make clothes for anything, even poles......
But lately I have been working on a commission to make many custom fitted curtains for Canopy, an Athens renown aerial dance studio.
 The work to make the five major curtains Ben Austin and I did together just before thier spring show on April 15th and 16th, but they want the studio to be completed blacked out, so I am back at it making more smaller curtains that will hang statically, where as the large curtains pictured are all designed to be raised, lowered, opened and closed.

 Monkey has been helping all along the way.

 These don't really show the perfect fit and function of the curtains, but.... you get the idea.

He just lays at my feet while I sew and keeps me in my seat, working.
listening to GIRL TALK "Feed the Animals"

also great!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

UPCYCLE Trashion Fashion Show

 photo by Ashley McIntyre
 That's my girl up there with her winning medal and a check for $20!  We went out for pizza and beer. Stellazine is vegan, so we ordered the weirdest pizza ever: a third vegan (no cheese) and my third with sausage, which makes it a vegan pizza with sausage.
 She was awarded "Most Stylish!"
 My girl kickin' it in the winner's circle!

 The clothes were described by a by-stander as a "post apocalyptic acid trip"

 The local contemporary art gallery ATHICA, asked me to enter the recycled/upcycled fashion show.... so I dug out the white animated clothing I made a long time ago out of thread  and fabric scraps and old ship sails, and we had ourselves a blast!

 Stellazine working her pin wheel brain while truckin' down the run way @ the ATHICA Trashion Fashion show.
Charly Byram rolling on down the run way @ the ATHICA Trashion fashion show
Gold head and Red head dancing to The Ecotones

MOTH: Messenger from the Island 3 times 10

 This book was inspired by experiences from my time living on Gambier Island, British Columbia during 2007 and 2008. but the impetus to make it came when I met my friend Nathan Albright, truly one of the best men I have ever met. I made 8 of these books.
Front Cover

Title page
Pop-up illustration of my little house over looking the sea

Illustration 1

Illustration 2
These are images of my rendering of the idea of light and color playing together in the air and in the water, while I sit on a cliff and watch

These are overlapping waves that move and slide over one another when you pull that little arrow tab
 These are images of "Stump Skulls" taken by Dan Siney, with my assistance.

Illustration 3, or the stump skull we found
Illustration 4, of Gloria's house up on the hill, where she painted upside down and I first saw all the moths clustering around the solar lights.
This is the moth inside the ship, surrounded by the islands of Howe Sound, Bowen, Gambier and Keats.

Illustration 5
Back cover

Standing up! This book is 12" square.

 Aerial photos of Gambier Island
 The illustrations were made with threads and water soluble stabilizer, the text typed out on my Remington typewriter, and the pages made from recycled cardboard.

 I used to live on an island in a little wooden house atop a cliff over looking the ocean.  The first morning I awoke there was a huge raven perched on the roof.  I wanted to rush out and see the bird, and I hoped it would look at me.  When I stepped out of the door onto the grass the tawny blue-black bird ( the size of a German Sheppard) flew down beside me, and then spread its wings and flew away.  In my haste and desire I had driven away this noble creature.
There are many stories about how ravens have helped the people, and this raven taught me that in my time on the island I was to learn how to work the powerful kind of good that can come naturally if one knows how and trusts oneself.
The first things I did were to explore the paths through the woods. I found many cliffs where I would watch the sky and the ocean play with color and light - and while I sat there I asked many questions.

One time I when was exploring the forest I came upon a stump skull.  As I went deeper into the trees I found many of these old spirits created by the devastation of the logging a hundred years ago.  It was through meeting with these beings and treating with their relentless survival that I realized that a being of intuition would likely not use words to express intent. I began to know that if I sat silent to listen, beings would gather around me and live with their own fierce, intelligent passion reflected in my quiet.

Then, up a moss covered stone path through the trees - dotted with solar powered lamps - I came upon the little house of an artist named Gloria.  She invited me into her studio and showed me the portraits she painted upside down, and she impressed me with her gentle nature and easy smile.  When I left her house her three legged dog lead me down the stone stairs and clustered all around the lamps were innumerable moths.
It wasn't until I happened to be riding in the cargo area of the massive metal ferry boat on my way to the city that I realized how to practice the best of my natural goodness - that I had contact with through nature on my island home. In the cargo hold of the ship I found many of the resplendent moths whom I had imaged receiving their instruction from Gloria's lights.  They were riding over the water to the city.  Perhaps they would fly into the homes of families and business people and whisper alive the tether we all have to the dynamic panoply of this beautiful  world we share.  This information travels through many worlds in many ways - and to give my whole being over to the expression of its flow fills me with the abundance of life - bearing with both the good and the bad - until there are no words or divisions.  "Inside of our bodies we are perpetually bathing in light, which is magnetic to those with this similar sight."

Monday, February 20, 2012

Circus Athena and the giant puppets

I haven't been doing much sewing lately... I have been building giant puppets for the Circus Athena Show this past weekend @ the historic Morton Theater in Athens. It was a great show! Here are some images of the production work done in a vacant warehouse in the Chase Park and the show itself!
Monkey and I and the big puppet parts
We re-worked the heads from the Occupy puppets, and also made five giant fish lantern puppets, and six little animal head mask puppets.
Mr. Big Pants became Father Sky!
Monkey helped a lot. He played and played and spread around the good vibes
Ben Austin, the producer and I making magic with card board!
Dusty Johns played KING RHINO!
The Gypsy Spinners and us puppeteers after a rehearsal @ the warehouse
The kids and I dancing with the puppets head masks!
Here are all the puppets on stage together for our dancer performance!
Full Cast at the finale!