Monday, February 20, 2012

Circus Athena and the giant puppets

I haven't been doing much sewing lately... I have been building giant puppets for the Circus Athena Show this past weekend @ the historic Morton Theater in Athens. It was a great show! Here are some images of the production work done in a vacant warehouse in the Chase Park and the show itself!
Monkey and I and the big puppet parts
We re-worked the heads from the Occupy puppets, and also made five giant fish lantern puppets, and six little animal head mask puppets.
Mr. Big Pants became Father Sky!
Monkey helped a lot. He played and played and spread around the good vibes
Ben Austin, the producer and I making magic with card board!
Dusty Johns played KING RHINO!
The Gypsy Spinners and us puppeteers after a rehearsal @ the warehouse
The kids and I dancing with the puppets head masks!
Here are all the puppets on stage together for our dancer performance!
Full Cast at the finale!

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