Thursday, April 26, 2012

I make clothes for everything, even aerial dance studios!

I like to think I can make clothes for anything, even poles......
But lately I have been working on a commission to make many custom fitted curtains for Canopy, an Athens renown aerial dance studio.
 The work to make the five major curtains Ben Austin and I did together just before thier spring show on April 15th and 16th, but they want the studio to be completed blacked out, so I am back at it making more smaller curtains that will hang statically, where as the large curtains pictured are all designed to be raised, lowered, opened and closed.

 Monkey has been helping all along the way.

 These don't really show the perfect fit and function of the curtains, but.... you get the idea.

He just lays at my feet while I sew and keeps me in my seat, working.
listening to GIRL TALK "Feed the Animals"

also great!

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