Tuesday, August 31, 2010

3-D Thread Illustrations with Water Soluble Stabilizer

I am in the midst of working on a commission pop-up book for a little boy in Connecticut, and also illustrated animated white clothes, and it seems like the perfect time for this post. My friend Wendy Tremayne (www.swaporamarama.org, and http://blog.holyscraphotsprings.com/) is a contributor for Craft magazine. She asked me to put together a photo essay of step by step how-to make thread wad 3-D pieces for the magazine..the article will be out in the next edition, so go get yerself a copy! These are just the demo shots, but they give the basic play-by-play, and here is the link to the article on the CRAFT Blog: http://blog.craftzine.com/archive/2010/09/how-to_thread_illustrations.html !

So...sew... me and my Solvy got to work! First are pictures of finished pieces:

and now step by step photos:
Thread wad + water soluble stabilizer
Cut a piece of stabilizer twice as big as the piece you want to make + material you want to use. draw outline on stabilizer
sandwich materials between stabilizer and pin in place
sew around outline of piece and across the middle...like so:
soak in water to dissolve stabilizer, and lay on a screen. piece of paper or towel to allow to dry. Cut the excess material around the sewn lines.
You can re-use the left over scraps, waste not want not!

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