Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Recent commissions

I made two of these recycled pants and dress short jumpers, one for Annastacia in Vancouver and one for sale
buttons by Maria Dondero
a wool jacket commissioned in secret for a Christmas present

This piece was made for Jackie Minns, a performance artist and massage healer on Bowen Island, BC

Ah the view @ the TRLR site!


  1. I have seen the dress on Jackie and it is very cute. I put a side zipper in for her as it was a little bit of a squeeze over her head to put it on. I hope you approve!

  2. I had thought to put a zipper in there, she has a bigger head and wider shoulders... I didn't HAVE a zipper @ the time. boo
    I am glad it found it's way to you! Your coat will be in the mail after the 23rd. It's up on the walls right now!