Saturday, December 17, 2011

OCCUPY @ ATHICA, Giant Puppet Installation

Monkey sleeping in the big pants while Jacob did some hand sewing for me. THANK YOU!
The installation is called " Cops Hat Giant Puppets"
Floating Heads

tears, many tears
Monkey sleeping
I tried to take some pictures while he was palling around the gallery, but they were blurry! By 2 am he was conked out!

Lizzie Zucker-Saltz and Tatiana hanging work @ 2 am
spreading the pastel with my fingers
installing the top hat of fire

"The Cause of OWS: MR BIG PANTS He can't see beyond the bloated gluttonous belly the ground that is poisoned - the wreckage and suffering. Tears of remorse can not quench the fire."
"SHAME ON YOU! Pleasure shared is pleasured doubled. An individual's quality of life is predicated on the quality of life shared by all"


BECAUSE OF OWS Men, Women, Children, World Wide PEACE!

Occupy Show @ ATHICA, Athens Institute for Contempory Art, Dec. 17th-Jan 8th.
Giant Puppet Installation: originally made for the Athens Winter Parade but rejected... made in the street by many many people, installed in this group show.

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