Tuesday, April 22, 2014


This is an edition of 8 books, designed while in Canada this past winter, assembled in Athens upon return to the United States.. $60.00.
Cover DEATHInside LIFE one one side DEATH on the other. One side is about elements of living that bring life and energy, and the other side is about about elements of living that invite depression and death while alive.they unfold like mapsI was running through a field at night in Kitsilano, and I looked up into the sky and I saw two identical patterns of stars, like diamonds in the sky side by side. Inside one diamond was the moon, surrounded by a halo of light, inside the other was part of the constellation Orion.. two form alike in kind filled inside with different patterns.This is an image of a moment in time.. time spiraling through the darkness, and our consciousness pierces the coil in places, and pulls and changes the shape of the rhythm of time.
The eyes moveRendering of a drawing done of my energy fields while at a meditation workshop.


body of light - body of energy

Using your body and manipulating like according to mechanical laws

Always thinking about what others think. or paying attention to what happens around you.

Skull of Bodies
The LIFE IN DEATH DEATH IN LIFE Pop-up Book laid out completely open.

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  1. Well darn Gretchen, I wrote a lengthy comment that didn't stick, just let me say you're so wonderful. so motivated, so diverse. much love to you.