Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Paris Montana: Burlap clothing on it's way to Arizona!!!

I have been working for this past month on a batch of burlap for the puuuurfect boutique! Paris Montana, a Black top Jewelery Box Boudoir on the road and in Phoenix Arizona! The main gypsy dame is Heidi, the maker of vintage, eclectic salvage jewelery. She found me through www.egretion.com, and also I think this post from a shop called Cactus Creek. and after a medium amount of work that too me a bit longer than I thought ( I am so sorry) some really smooth and elegant burlap skirts and pants are on their way! Here below are some in process construction pictures, but I didn't have enough time to take finished images of eveything before I put it in the mail!
There are lots of sizes in printed and non-printed versions of my signature short length pants
and also pom-pom and lace pencil skirts, pictured here with out the brown satin waist bands they have....
I also made a new style of pants, a burlap palazzo style that Heidi came up with, again, pictured with out the brown satin waist bands. These have side pockets

I also made three skirts in this style, at Heidi's request, although a bit shorted, as I have denuded the land of burlap sacks in a 20 mile radius, and just didn't have enough material to make them longer than knee length!

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  1. WOW- just freakin' wow. I'm in! Would you make me a pair, pretty please? I'll supply the sacks! I am in loooovee!!!!!