Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Hotel Indigo: White Animated Fashion + Self Powered Light-up Curtains

This Installation is dedicated to Heather Cameron of True Stitches.

Celebrate the Arts 2011 presents:

“Material World II: FashioNation!”
Hotel Indigo Friday, April 8th, 2011 7:30 pm

These works in white will be featured in the event, and are on display inside the cube gallery @ The Hotel Indigo thru July as part of the group show

Here is a quick bio: Gretchen Elsner EGRETION

Textile artist, clothing designer and soft electronics engineer has been living and working for many years in British Columbia, making clothing from exclusively recycled fabrics and working to engineer sustainable power alternatives, physiologically sensitive clothing, and teaching. She returned to America two years ago to build a home made solar powered travel trailer, and to participate in the movement to end the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and also to encourage a global phase out of nuclear power and weapons.

Self Powered Light up Curtains
"You are a MONSTER that wants to devour ALL ONE"
These embroidered curtains are currently under construction. A few LEDs embroidered in and the solar cells snapped on and they will collect sunlight from one side and light up on the other. They are 36" x 72", eight total curtains
$500.00 each or $3000.00 for the set
Made with silk and metallic silk organza, conductive thread, LED's and text embroidered with polyester thread. 2007-present

curated by Aurélie Frolet & Hope Hilton

opening reception:
Friday, April 8, 2011

mercury art works at hotel indigo
500 college avenue, athens, GA
706.338.0548 gallery hours: 24/7

(White Garments)
Oculart White Animated Fashion (see and Collaboration with Geoff Lillimon, Amsterdam, The Netherlands,
Made from a recycled nylon sail and thread bits stitched and held together with soluble stabilizer, 2011

Model: Kayla Cox

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