Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Kids Clothes @ TreeHouse Kid and Craft! + the Raindrop artists market on the 30th!

Kristen @ Tree House Kid and Craft is amazing! and she keeps me working! Here are some new pieces for chillins I brought in this week ahead of the Raindrop Artists market this weekend, Saturday the 30th here @ TreeHouse. I will be here with the board game costume " The House of John King" for folks to play and a trunk sale of adult work for sale!
Caroline gave me three bags of ribbons that turned into jumpers!

old quilting materials turned into this skirt and these reversible jumpers

I went alittle over board with this white frilly tunic. There a beautiful piece of antique lace in the back.

This cordinating fishy and tiger prints turned into these sweet little cotton dresses
indigo and gold japanese calico flower petal skirts!

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