Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fashion Camp @ Treehouse Kid & Craft

Bianca unstoppable! One down, a million more to go! Here is she making a scarf not even five minutes after she finished her mom's shirt and thirty minutes after hr finished her dress!
Sophie was so happy, completely stoked when she finished her blouse!
Stunning young woman in her beautiful work of wear-able art.
The details on Sophie's blouse brought tears to my eyes!
This Louisa and I. She is an amazing little girl. I looked forward to seeing her every day! feel terrible because it looks like I am giving her bunny ears. I was trying to make a Peace Sign. She truly has the spirit of a Peace Maker, It was a honor to meet her.
Here is the older group wearing their creations! We missed Andie and Bryce!
Bianca from the back in her amazing space woman dress!
Finished and totally rad!
This is Beatrice in her one hour mini skirt with brilliant use of hot pink fringe!
Here is the group in their finished pieces!
This Clementine and her awesome made in an hour mini skirt!
Here is Cadance and the back of her sun dress
Camile and the romper she made! It looks like it has attacked her!
Camile did a great job for a young lady who needs glasses! She LOVES rompers, and now she has a one of a kind one to add to her collection!
Beatrice and her one hour mini skirt with brilliant use of fringe!
This lovely Cadance in the sundress she made!

Jessie ready for the fashion show!

Catie in her t-shirt she printed the first day and her necklace and crown
Louisa awesome rainbow queen!

Louisa in her tutu and crown!
daisy and her pipe cleaner and bead hair bow!
Bryce in his shorts! He measured himself and made the pattern from scratch to fit, cut it out, sewed the side seams, sewed the crotch seam, clipped the ease into the seam allowance, sewed the back darts, then put in the zipper, sewed the 2 path pockets, sewed the hems, made the belt loops, sewed them into the waist band, sewed the waist band to the shorts, I did the button hole and he sewed on the gold button!

Bryce's parents requested that she not be shown in any photographs, only his work. I just didn't have a chance to take a flat shot of his shorts.
Andie in her finished dress! She and her brother Bryce stayed an extra 2 hours to finish their pieces today after camp.. they are leaving on a family trip to Italy tomorrow and wanted to have their new clothes ready to wear over there! She was so pleased. I am so proud of both of them!

Andie in her finished dress!!! She measured herself and made the pattern to fit from scratch, sewed the shoulder and side seams, sewed the neck facing, sewed the center back seam, put in the zipper, made a facing to cover the zipper, made the sleeves and the sheer over-lay, sewed the sleeves in and put in the hem. Not pictured is the sheer pink belt we made to go with it, and a beaded necklace! She wanted to wear it out to dinner in Italy on her family trip.

Andie's parents requested that she not be shown in any photographs, only her work. I just didn't have a chance to take a flat shot of her dress.

Maddy hand sewed all these buttons onto her felt and then we glued it onto a hair clip! There is a jingle bell in there!

Pierce in her crown
Maddy in her wings!
Maddy in her wings and crown! Most of the little ones helped me sew with the sewing machine, they used their feet to work the presser foot and I used my hands to guide the fabric. Jessie and Pierce did all the sewing for their wings.
Jessie in her purple crown, working on something?
Catie in her crown
two best friends ready to fly away!

The second day in the older kid's class we took measurements of all our bodies and made paper mock ups of our shape. Then they each designed a pattern to fit them to make the garment they had drawn on paper.
Bianca got right to work cutting out her shiny silver fabric!

Pierce in her wings! BY the last day she had talked her folks into buying her a Rudy to take home!

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