Sunday, August 7, 2011


Here we go again! We just can;t stop the swap! Here is the article from Athens Patch about the swap yesterday and some other photos! Cheers!
Uma brought some smashing t0shrits, this is three put together to be a banner about the REVOLUTION OF KINDNESS! She also made great mash up of two blue shirts, profiling the virtues and smiting the platypus received at the hands of an angry god: creating a venomous, webbed footed, egg laying, beaver tailed, duck-billed mammal..... with otter paws giving her a hug!

And here is Katie and my poor son forced to attend craft eventsI took all the above photos.
This photo is by Terry Jernigan.... I look a little insane there with my cookie and Bianca and kinda ruined the shot. I was looking at some people who had their faces pressed against the window looking in.

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