Friday, September 10, 2010

Out Bound Children's Collection

This little collection of children's clothes are out-bound to Toronto: to The Future of Frances Watson. Incidentally, I went back to the empty space between to abandoned hen houses where I used to live this time one year ago. I had only recently returned to America, and I was homeless, and only beginning to dream of building my solar powered travel trailer, working nights at an all night diner. This is where I was living when I met Scott.
There are two of these little skirts, made from hand dyed indigo batik, kimono scraps and japanese calico. There are two deep little pockets in this lovely little skirt.

The back
and the front of a little silk top, with sweater sleeves, and one of Maria Donadero's hand made buttons at the shoulder.
These two little apron dresses use a rather common old fashioned apron pattern matched with a little skirt. The apron fastens with two of Maria's buttons, and is embellished by little pillowy hearts stuffed with soft threads, and little pocket and little pink leaves, all edged with hand stitching. The deep magenta is 100% linen and the 100% pink cotton.

There we go! Copper cotton denim/spandex blend and taffeta!, a front pocket, and a LIGHTNING BOLT!

This play apron is a very cool thing: part collage, part book, part Egyptian regalia, with more of Maria's amazing buttons!. It is made from pieces of a sail that someone gave me.

This rain coat is also made from that recycled sail, as well as some of the patches. I think this rain coat is awesome, I am very proud of it. It's part Native regalia, part made scientist lab coat. It also has tiny little plastic ants!! and some of 3-D thread illustration eyeballs! and I used some old rick-rack I have had lying around for far too long. The edges of the trim are melted.
Okay, Meg and I both really got a kick out of a Comme des Garçons, and so I made this rendition for a little girl. The fabrics all came from a thrift store in Jackson County Georgia. It only has one pocket. The finishing of the lining is quite nice, and Maria's buttons look like they have just been waiting for the coat to hurry up and get made so they can fasten the lapels.

Here is the image I worked from. Isn't it a great piece?! I hope some little girl gets it as a present!

So, truck on over to The Future of Frances Watson, a new shop in Parkdale, Toronto! You won't be disappointed.
1390 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada!

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