Friday, September 24, 2010

Romantic new work

A few weeks ago I got word that an amazing woman I have known as an acquaintance was planning on getting married. I have always really really liked and respected her, although I do not know her well, and I wrote to her and offered her my work to make her wedding clothes, at a reduced commission rate. I went to the Project Safe thrift store, and bought this collection of fabric for $4.00, and it was almost as if the fabrics had assembled themselves for me to come along and snatch up! I also used the last few buttons I have from local potter Maria Dondero, and the VERY last two by Susan Marczak, a Vancouver artist who made me the most amazing buttons. I used them on the red coat pictured below the wedding ensemble.

These were my words of inspiration to work from:
"I wanted to dress like early 60's italian peasant movie.... sorta humble, sexy, and modest. not alot of ruffles since I'm a gramma , I ain't tryna look like a virgin but i dont wanna look like a harlot."
This lady is 110% amazing survivor/lover/mother/friend/woman... and these are the pieces I have made for her. It has been an honor. I hope she likes it!

Button details from one of the jackets, these are Maria's, and a back view of the jackets.

There are two of the brown jackets, two of the sheer/tulle tops, but only one of the pink skirts. Once she chooses what she would like the others will be available for sale.

Also, while I was at it I made another black skirt, and a red/tulle coat available for sale. Here are the other images from the day at the historic Fred Building, and thank you thank you to Brittany for modeling!

These are Susan's buttons.

And here are all the items, but the pink skirt, which is most defiantly for the bride-to-be:
The black skirt ($65.00) has pockets, of course! So do the coats ($120), they have 3 pockets a-pieces. the tulle tops are $45.00 each

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