Friday, October 22, 2010

Animated Fashion Installation/ hung on the wall/ animation in progress

I prefer to work with gleaned materials, and was recently given several nylon boat sails that I want to use to make sculptural outer wear for men and women and children. I have also been asked by several different venues and art centers to present a wear able art installation of some kind. Thirdly, I have been making pop-up books and clothes with moving parts from bits of thread and water soluble glue.

I worked for a time in 2006 at The Banff New Media Institute in Banff Alberta, and there I met my friend Geoff Lillemon, which whom I am collaborating on this project. He is the creative director for the media digital design co. Champagne Valentine ( He has an artist wed site:
from which we are working to create complimentary clothing and animation environments.

I want to make clothes that can be projected upon, or will be displayed as part of a larger picture of digital animation, and also garments with illustrations and moving parts that complement a digital animation. I would like to be able to display the works in a variety of ways, either as projections in conjunction with a cat walk type event, standing mannequins juxtaposed with looped projections, or something more theatrical with live models and the animation serving almost more as a set. There are some venues that have asked me to put together a fashion show/performance/fashion art5 installation, and I am also looking for more venues. Send the word birds

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