Thursday, October 21, 2010


Face Coats: Quantity: 2
fully lined, buttons front closure, two pockets Size: small and medium

Reverse Vest: Quantity: 3
chiffon under blouse, shoulder button Sizes: extra small, small and medium
Lily Pleated Skirt: Quantity: 2
fully lined, two pockets, button closures Sizes: small and medium

"All Business" Collage Shell Top: Quantity: 2
fully lined, dart shaping, side button closure Size: small and medium
Circle Pencil Skirt: Quantity: 2
fully lined, back button closure, two pockets Size: 6 and 8
Circle Fluted Side Pants Quantity: 2
fully lined, front button closure, two pockets Size: 6 and 8

Cape jackets: Quantity: 3
fully lined, throat collar button a Size: 1 small, 3/4 length sleeve
front sash tie. 1 small full length sleeve
1 medium full length sleeve
Diagonal Bracing Pencil Skirt Quantity: 2
back button closure and waist tie, one pocket Size: 2 medium
These Photos of Brittany and Caroline were taken at The Lyndon House Art Center. Thank you ladies! Thank you Lyndon House!

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  1. Love the site Gretchen!!! Can't wait to see you and your creations.... next week!

  2. Your brilliance has once again surpassed itself! (And prompted Sam to say "How could men resist being attracted to such beautiful butterflies that women are.")