Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Seed Sustainable Style is the WINNER!

Best of Regina

Official Winners List

A huge thank you to the 1,500 or so readers who cast ballots in our best-ever Best Of Regina poll. While the winners take centre stage in the issue itself, none of this would happen if you didn’t take the time and effort to vote for your favourite Queen City people, places, events, shops, services and other amenities. To promote excellence, we need to recognize excellence. And that’s precisely what this poll does. By participating, you’re doing your bit to ensure Regina remains a great community to live, work and play in. So thanks a bunch!

Seed Sustainable Style
3100 13th Ave. 924-5426
When Lisa Wicklund moved back to Regina after a 15-year absence, she saw a niche that needed filling. There were simply not enough places to buy the kind of clothes she likes: upscale, bohemian, and made by indie Canadian designers. So she started Seed. According to Wicklund, Seed’s aesthetic is all about rejecting wasteful and boring mass-market clothing in favour of carefully and beautifully made statement clothes. “Some people call it ‘upcycling’ or even ‘trashion’”, she says, summing up the fashion movement that’s about using old materials to create new garments with a sly nod to the past. Saskatoon designer Cassie Danielle’s elegant corsets and waist cinchers, for example, are made from reclaimed cowboy boots. Every week there are more news stories about the real cost of fast fashion: cheap designer knockoffs made in third-world sweatshops take up far too much space in our wardrobes. It’s nice to know we have other options. With independent retailers like Seed taking root in Regina, we can be not just trendy, but something even better: well-dressed. /EZ

Seed Sustainable Style
3100 13th Ave. 924-5426
Formerly on Smith St., Seed Sustainable Style is a great addition to the Cathedral Village’s 13th Ave. strip, which is getting awesomer with each passing year. Seed features fashions by environmentally and socially conscious Canadian designers, as well as vintage jewellery, scandalous lingerie, wearable art, cool chapeaux, one-of-a-kind accessories, and a truly inspired chandelier. You’ll also find gallery-style art exhibitions and some sexy parties, like the Gypsy Camp they held to kick off last year’s Regina Folk Festival. /LAK

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